Satisfaction study of patients monitored by Satelia® Cardio

87% satisfaction rate among patients remotely monitored for their heart failure.

A recent study published in the 'Annals of Cardiology and Angiology' explores the impact of remote monitoring on the care pathway of patients with chronic heart failure (CHF). The study, titled 'Perceptions and satisfaction of patients with chronic heart failure when using a remote monitoring web application named Satelia® Cardio', aims to assess the perceptions and satisfaction of CHF patients when they benefit from remote monitoring.

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87% of patients are satisfied with the remote monitoring of their heart failure.

The study conducted a voluntary declarative survey among users of Satelia® Cardio, a web application for remote monitoring of CHF, which was included in the experimental program in France “ETAPES” organized by the French Ministry of Health. The monitoring was based on the results reported by the patients (seven questions about symptoms, one question about weight) to which they responded online (for patients with good digital literacy) or by phone with a nurse (for patients with poor digital literacy). The survey included questions about perceived usefulness, ease of use, and impact on quality of life. The results showed that 87% of the 825 patients were satisfied with the digital monitoring of their heart failure.


A solution deemed easy to use and useful for healthcare professionals

Patients found the application easy to use (94%), problem-free (95%), providing notifications at the right time (98%), easily accessible (96.5%), understandable (89%), and not requiring an unreasonable amount of time to answer the questions (99%). Most patients felt that remote monitoring helped doctors provide better care during their follow-up (70%, average score: 7.98/10), and 45% of digitally literate patients reported an improvement in their quality of life.


Satisfaction et adhésion patients avec une faible maîtrise du numérique et utilisant Satelia Cardio

Satisfaction and adherence of 425 patients with congestive heart failure (CHF), having low digital literacy, when using the Satelia Cardio remote monitoring application.


Remote monitoring combining digital and human, designed for 100% of patients

The study concludes that patients who have poor mastery of digital tools may need human or assisted remote monitoring. Patients monitored daily for CHF through remote monitoring have expressed high satisfaction and good acceptance. This underscores the importance of telehealth and remote monitoring in managing chronic diseases such as CHF.

The full text of the study is available here

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