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A human approach of remote patient monitoring leveraging Satelia®’s human and digital resources to facilitate the care of patients with chronic diseases.

Satelia Cardio est une solution de télésurveillance de l’insuffisance cardiaque.

Universal remote monitoring

A service designed for
100% of patients,
regardless of their
digital skills.

Care pathway coordination

Establishing a coordinated care approach with the healthcare ecosystem to ensure that your recommendations are followed.

Patient therapeutic support

offered by our
medical team throughout
the patient’s care.

Founded by healthcare professionals in 2017, we are now trusted by over 500 care providers in
heart failure

Prescribed by cardiologists, Satelia® Cardio is a medical device that aims to prevent cardiac decompensation and reduce hospitalizations.

Dr. Bernelin shares his experience with us.

Embracing the power of digital
and the value of human

Satelia® Cardio is the solution that allows you to make remote monitoring accessible to all your heart failure patients, whether they are able to use digital tools or not. 

This is made possible thanks to our paramedical and medical team in direct contact with your patients: Télesphore.

100% compliant with the specifications following the integration of heart failure remote patient monitoring into standard practice in France as of July 1, 2023.

Equipe Télésphore coeur



medical secretaries

A human connection
that makes your daily life easier

In order to fight against digital exclusion, Satelia® provides a paramedical and medical team in direct contact with patients: Télesphore.

Novel professions and knowledge working alongside you to create personalized care journeys for your patients, regardless of their digital proficiency.

The fight against digital illiteracy

or electronicism

A scourge that affects the most vulnerable. It results from the inability of an individual to use everyday digital tools.

According to the French national institute for statistics and economic studies, this issue impacts:

17 %

of French People

67 %

of those aged over 75 (1)

Wide coverage across
the French territory

Presence in both private and public sectors

(including ⅓ of University Hospitals)

+ 8500
patients remotely monitored


patients self monitored internet


patients monitored via our nurses

After 3 years of telemonitoring,
Michel is grateful to his medical team.
He shares his experience with us.
Témoignage Dr. François Picard Satelia Cardio

Care with ease

The solution is designed to be simple and quick to use, without any connected devices or app installation required, for both doctors and patients. As a genuine healthcare player, we support you beyond telemonitoring in prevention and care coordination actions.

Satelia®’s solution is ultimately very simple to use. The system’s philosophy is “created by doctors for doctors”, so it’s designed to be practical and save time, making it a very easy system to use.

This ease of use is exactly what’s needed in telemonitoring, in my opinion.

Dr François Picard,
CHU Bordeaux in France

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Satelia® ranked in France among the top 50 startups to work for in 2022(2)

Satelia® aims to be a major player in the future of healthcare, with the goal of improving patient quality of life, empowering patients to be active in their health management, and lowering the cost of care for society.

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