Care pathway optimization and hospitalization reduction

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In the field of cardiac health, heart failure remains a major concern, often characterized by high rates of rehospitalization and significant mortality. In response to this challenge, the Optimum program, in conjunction with the Satelia® Cardio remote monitoring technology, has been developed and implemented at Médipôle Lyon Villeurbanne in France. At the 2023 French National Congress of Hospital Cardiologists (CNCH), the initial results of this exceptional program were shared.

Programme Optimum
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The Optimum program: An innovative approach in the management of heart failure.

The Optimum program, implemented at Médipôle Lyon Villeurbanne in France, represents a significant advancement in the management of heart failure. This multidisciplinary program incorporates several key components to provide holistic disease management. It includes regular biological analyses, allowing for precise monitoring of patients’ health status. A multidisciplinary assessment is also conducted, involving specialists such as geriatricians, dietitians, and physiotherapists, who meet in a day hospital one month after the patient’s inclusion in the program. This multidisciplinary approach aims to assess and address the varied needs of patients, taking into account their overall health status.

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Simultaneously, the program includes biweekly remote monitoring conducted by trained Satelia® nurses, ensuring continuous and personalized follow-up. The overall goal of the Optimum program is to reduce rehospitalizations related to heart failure, while improving patients’ quality of life.

Initial results of the Optimum program presented at CNCH 2023.

At the National Congress of Hospital Cardiology 2023, preliminary results were shared, highlighting the work of Mehdi Aleyan, Laetitia Paradisi-Prieur, Sophie Nisse-Durgeat, Nicolas Pages, Hugo Bernelin, and Carlos El Khoury; as well as the effectiveness of the Optimum program in reducing rehospitalizations due to heart failure. Between January 2021 and December 2022, 167 patients, with a median age of 85, were enrolled in the program. The collected data showed an impressive reduction of 61.35% in rehospitalizations in the year following patient enrollment.

Réduction hospitalisation Optimum

Number of hospitalizations for heart failure before and after inclusion in Optimum.

The 5,323 evaluation questionnaires collected via Satelia® Cardio generated 358 orange alerts and 29 red alerts, indicating active and effective monitoring. Patient and healthcare professional satisfaction scores were evaluated at 8/10 and 7.5/10, respectively, reflecting positive acceptance of the program. The full text “The care pathway for patients with chronic heart failure treated in emergency departments: reducing rehospitalizations through remote monitoring” by M. Aleyan, L. Paradisi-Prieur, S. Nisse-Durgeat, N. Pages, H. Bernelin, and C. El Khoury published in the Annals of Cardiology and Angiology (Volume 72, Issue 5, November 2023, 101649) is available at this link.

A promising model for reducing rehospitalizations.

The preliminary results of the Optimum program mark a significant turning point in the management of heart failure. The notable reduction in rehospitalizations and the high satisfaction of both patients and healthcare professionals attest to the effectiveness of the program’s integrated approach. By combining personalized remote monitoring via Satelia® Cardio with multidisciplinary medical follow-up and therapeutic education, the Optimum program presents a promising model for improving patients’ quality of life while optimizing healthcare resources.

The final results of the study are awaited and could provide further insights into the establishment of new care pathways and the management of heart failure.

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